Rewinding the 2013 season: Top 5 races

In a Vettel dominated season, it's hard to pick out the most exciting races. But it's needless to say that in a sport like Formula One, drivers can improve in every way. Regardless of which team or how experienced he is. While Sebastian did all the 'growing' staying in front, unquestionably there was a lot of action going on in the back which highlighted the season. Gutierrez performing well, Nico Hulkeberg's ecstatic end season finishes and a lot more.

Here's the Top 5 Races of the season-

5) Australian Grand Prix

The season opener was a thrilling race. With a heavy downpour that flooded the track to the bright sunshine on race day – it was like getting lost in the unknown. The Pirelli tires made exclusively for the 2013 season ate themselves up after the first 4 laps! And pole sitter Sebastian Vettel immediately lost positions and his teammate struggled to keep pace.
The race saw 6 different race leaders at differewnt points in time and it was uncertain till the very end. Raikkonen in the Lotus managed to make a miraculous 2 stopper work and win the very first race of the season. And behind him was Alonso who finished of Vettel.
The action in terms of the working of the tires and the performance of the cars kept us on the edge of our seats.

4) British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix was one of the most exciting grand prix from an action point of view. With the question of safety lingering over the tires since the beginning of the season, Pirelli ought not to make any more mistakes regarding the belts of the compounds. But the British grand prix brought the Italian Marquee's nightmare alive- tires blowing everywhere- a serious question of safety!
Lewis Hamilton, who lead the race flawlessly, was the first victim of the mysterious tire blows as his left rear tire delaminated and shredded, causing Vettel to go way off line to avoid the debris. Next in line were Massa, Perez and Jean-Eric Vergne, who all had very good races of their own until the same preposterous left rear blew it all again. Sebastian Vettel, who had a great start, retired from the race almost half way though, with a failing alternator.
Apart from all the action, the British Grand Prix also disappointed in a way because of the jeering and cheering when Vettel retired. Being the place of birth of Formula One, it was disrespectful from the fans present there to boo a certain driver than cheer for an exciting race.

3) German Grand Prix  

Sebastian Vettel was again flawless on home soil as he flamboyantly manoeuvred his ‘Hungry Heidi’ to clinch his maiden home grand prix win.
But uncertainty lingered over the race win until the very end as it was no easy job to fend off pressure from both the Lotuses at the very end. But as he has shown that race and on 9 other occasions, he’s just unstoppable.  
Further behind, the German’s teammate, Mark Webber’s race came to a theatrical end when a tire from his car bounced off and hit FOM camera man, Paul Allen, leaving him with a few broken bones. For which, Red Bull was fined 30.000 euros. The German Grand Prix also saw a safety car period when Jules Bianchi’s Marussia, on fire, rolled down the track, giving others a chance to catch up to the race leader.

2) Malaysian Grand Prix

“Multi 21, Seb, Multi 21!”
Not since Rubens Barichello was told to let Michael Schumacher through at the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix has there been such hue and cry.  In the bizarre situation of Malaysia 2013, the previously despised system of team orders suddenly became a way of the sport.

2 teams, Mercedes and RedBull Racing both deprived one of their drivers a better position from the other. In the Mercedes garage, boss Ross Brawn told Nico Rosberg to hold station and bring both cars home, despite Rosberg begging for a podium position for he was clearly the faster one on the occasion.

On the RedBull garage though, things got out of control. Sebastian Vettel ignored the call to hold station behind Webber and passed him – which became one of the best moves of 2013 because that’s the fair and square racing that Formula One is lacking today. With all the double standards of the sport today, it wasn’t much appreciated by the fans, and so Christian Horner put it correctly-

“This is silly, Seb, come on”

1) Monaco Grand Prix

Rosberg Jr. emulates Rosberg Snr!

Nico Rosberg clinched his second victory in Formula One by winning his home race in Monaco. Following him behind were Vettel and Webber, both securing 2nd and 3rd places respectively after Mercedes’ failed pitstop call for Lewis Hamilton.

Felipe Massa’s weekend went from bad to worse after he crashed out at Sainte Devote and was shifted to the hospital in a neck brace. The Ferrari in the wall almost blocking the narrow race track of Monaco, brought out the first of the two safety car periods.

The second time was on Lap 45, upon crash King, Maldonado’s car got airborne and rammed into the barriers after Max Chilton moved him towards the breaking zone. The broken barrier fell onto the track, forcing the FIA to issue a red flag and a race restart after 20 minutes.
During the second half of the 71 lap grand prix, Alonso’s ill qualifying saw him move nowhere from where he started. Making most of Alonso’s misfortune and some would say ‘low morale’ after having to hand over the place back to Pere, Adrian Sutil moved up on him to finish brilliantly in 5th. Sergio Perez, being his best, passing his teammate, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso at Nouvelle Chicane could manage only till there, a silly move on Raikkonen ended in his retirement after a collision with the Finn.  

India and Brazil are mentions of two brilliant races. India will go down as the country where Sebastian Vettel cinched his 4th consecutive world title. And Brazil, became the dramatic conclusion to the brilliant V8 era!

Looking forward to the 2014 season!


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