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Now, onto 2013!

After 247,642 miles driven (390,495Km), 31,800 Tyres used throughout the season, 1139 overtakes by the 24 cars together, 957 pit stops, removing 4 tyres and putting new ones on just within the blink of an eye - 2.31sec, speeds of 346Kph and 7 different winners from the 7 opening races and 8 in total. 
                                                                     This is Formula one 2012.

What a season it was! Each grand prix being a 2 hour thriller movie each weekend. Whats REAL racing? 2012 season is its epitome. Monaco, Valencia, Brazil and Singapore were hair raising and heart stopping, while Abu dhabi and Brazil were each an inspiring tale of 2 world champions who were going to stop at nothing to win that crown of the World Champion and etch their names in the history books. After a (supposedly) ho hum 2011, 2012 was a an opener to what real F1 is.. awesome and prodigious racing.  And through the longest F1 calendar of 20 races, Sebastian Vettel clawed his way from being at a …


This is just to let you guys know that the 'click here for analysis' hyperlink in one of my previous articles 'Uncertainty kicks for Vettel's 3rd title!' has been removed by the FOM. (Formula One Management).
The video can no longer be viewed, since the FIA has declared 'no case' over Vettel's move on Jean Eric Vergne.

The 5 best performed drivers

'Lewis wins..', 'Vet-trick', 'Alonso Rules..', 'Jenson emerges winner of..'. These are the names that F1 would usually, or in the most cases be associated with. And its the inevitable, because these are today's F1 greats! But if it hadn't been for 2012, Formula 1 would, for many many years continue to be associated with the same old drivers. Which would be wrong because there's no change. But luckily for the sport, Bernie and us fans, this season hosted different and unexpected winners and podium finishers. This is the first spark needed to create fire. I pick out the 5 best performances of the season and those I hope will help create a new trend..

Sergio Perez

Its pretty clear and evident after the 'McLaren move' why Sergio is one of today's 'keep in sight' drivers. Firstly, to go straight with he starting sentence, McLaren never make mistakes in choosing their drivers. They choose the best always. And since they chose P…

The bests of 2012

Who can possibly pick just a few best races out of this 2012 season? Each race being unique and enjoyable to itself, and EVERY race almost unpredictable. Just as the phrase 'best of best' exists in English, there are a couple of races that stand out this year. 

8th different winner in Abu Dhabi It's got to be said that he's had the best comeback in F1. After his 2 year absence, F1 had missed him and worried if he could still manage- right then,  Kimi Raikkonen  proved -He still hasn't lost it. A perfect start, and perfect stuck luck saw kimi win the twilight grand prix. After Hamilton's unfortunate retirement, the Finn took the lead, and never ever looked back. While engineers told drivers to work on all four tyres through the safety car period, the Iceman iced his engineer. "I know what Im doing - Leave me alone!"  radioed Kimi. A fuelling snafu after qualifying 3rd, saw Sebastian Vettel starting from the pitlane, and a remarkable comeback to 3rd behin…