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Monaco GP in pictures

^ Nico Rosberg leading from Lewis Hamilton

What happens when the pitlane comes on to the track? That^  is looking down onto the grid just before the start.

Celebrating their first ever points finish with Jules Bianchi. There are 19 circuits on the calendar and they did it on the most historic of them! Congratulations!

A lonely race for Fernando Alonso. He was technically the last driver (bar the top 3) who finished the whole 78 laps. Nico Rosberg had lapped 10 of the 14 cars running.

World champions pay a tribute to Sir Jack Brabham

How the podium looks! 

Raikkonen and Vettel's electric start

And finally.. everybody by know knows Justin Bieber was at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday. None of us were happy about it and started a motion "Keep Formula One Bieber free" and it seemed to work when Benedict Cumberbatch did the podium interviews as opposed to the thoughts that the Biebs was to interview them (thank god).

We figured all his fans were as shortsighted and bonkers a…

Re-taking the lead: 2nd win in Monaco for Rosberg

Nico Rosberg wins the Monaco grand prix to retake the title lead a fortnight later from Lewis Hamilton.

After a controversial qualifying on Saturday, spectators and fans were expecting a crash between the Mercedes duo after the relationship between them hit a new low. However, a clean start by Nico Rosberg never let Hamilton have a serious go for P1 though he came very close at times. During the mid race however, Rosberg ran into fuel issues and immediately had to take his foot off the gas pedal in order to save fuel. Hamilton, who had nursed his car the previous laps came close enough to take P1 but once again, never had a go.

On lap 54, the 2008 world champion, Hamilton reported of debris or dirt hurting his vision on track and slowed him down significantly. The gap to Daniel Ricciardo, the only running RedBull then, fell from a comfortable 12 seconds to a 0.7 seconds. Battling with just one eye for sight, Hamilton kept the RedBull at bay to hang onto second after a fight which las…

Monaco Grand prix Qualifying

Nico Rosberg
   Mercedes 1:15.989Lewis Hamilton   Mercedes 1:16.048Daniel Ricciardo
   Red Bull Racing1:16.384Sebastian Vettel
   Red Bull Racing1:16.547Fernando Alonso   Ferrari1:16.686Kimi Räikkönen
   Ferrari1:17.389Jean-Éric Vergne
  Toro Rosso1:17.540Kevin Magnussen  McLaren Mercedes1:17.555Daniil Kvyat
  Toro Rosso1:18.090Sergio Pérez  Sahara Force India 1:18.327

Nico Hülkenberg Sahara Force India 1:17.846Jenson Button
 McLaren Mercedes1:17.988Valtteri Bottas Williams 1:18.082Romain Grosjean
 Lotus F1 Team1:18.196Pastor Maldonado
 Lotus F1 Team1:18.356Felipe Massa
 Williams Accident

Esteban Gutièrrez

McLaren Mercedes Review

Jenson Button
Kevin Magnussen
Jenson Button:       8th with 23 points 
Kevin Magnussen: 9th with 20 points                      McLaren Mercedes: 6th with 43 points 

McLaren is the only so called top team with nearly perfect camaraderie between the teammate. One being most experienced, Jenson and the other being a rookie, Kevin Magnussen learning from the most experienced. This time last year, Button was fighting Perez, screaming onto the radio "Guys you need to tell him to stop running into me!"
Both the McLarens started the season off with a strong 2-3 finish in Melbourne, however, their form has been tumultuous ever since. Grabbing just a handful or no points on occasions, McLaren only hope for better races where there's more engine reliance and not aerodynamics. 
Fitted in with the most powerful engine on the grid, McLaren still stand just 6th in the constructors, being beaten by Force India and Williams, other Mercedes …

Ferrari Review

Fernando Alonso
Kimi Raikkonen
Fernando Alonso: 3rd with 49 points                 Ferrari: 3rd with 66 points  Kimi Raikkonen: 11th with 17 points

"Finally Ferrari gives Alonso a good car!" sighed almost every fan during pre-season testing. Only had they waited for a bit longer to conclude the most inappropriate and fallacious theory of Ferrari's 'good car'. 

With Kimi Raikkonen's re-signing with the Italian team, there was a lot of hype. "RUSH 2" posters with the world champions' pairing, "Terminator" with the same background were held out by fans during many grand prix events last year. However, it only failed to happen because neither of them were given a car which could challenge for the top 3 positions. However, internal battles and #1 - #2 drivers' controversy is already playing in full swing. 

For much of the season, Kimi Raikkonen's performance was a step below that of his…