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Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull have unquestionably been the best amalgamation in whole of F1 the last three years. The world champion team with their star driver have managed to win 3 drivers and constructors championships in a row. And it doesn’t end there! 7 races are over of the 2013 season, and Sebastian Vettel just extended the lead in the driver’s championship last week by brilliantly dominating the Canadian Grand prix. I’m sure all of us with the slightest bit of irritation, asked ourselves a question “when will the Red Bull – Vettel domination end?”. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait that long, for the world champion himself gave the answer by renewing his existing contract until the end of 2015. He said “2015 is a long way away, and 2016 even further. Who knows what’s going to be happening in three years, let alone five. Maybe I won’t even be driving anymore, because the desire is gone. Maybe I will end up with another team, to find a new challenge.  Almost anything is possible.…


You may be a die-hard, passionate F1 fan or someone  who  aimlessly stares at the television on a weekend at a coffee joint and get drifted doing something else while an F1 race is going on. But this man never fails to get your attention –  Sebastian Vettel.  A charismatic  personality with the sheer  inborn (or should I say ‘ DNA coded’) skill of brilliant  driving , he  is an enormously respected and a hugely popular public figure in the sport. As Martin Brundle rightly said:“He (Sebastian) is  the perfect racing driver. He is good value, he is  a nice lad, appreciates everything everybody does for him, he is  not gone all superstar, and he gets the job done”. This triple world champion is a class performer each time he is out on track and a dominant figure in today’s F1 scene.  He has the control,  speed and precision to nail a single flying lap in Q3, the focus and consistency to pull out a gap in the lead during a race. His stellar  performance in the 2012 Abu Dhabi GP left no d…

The good, bad and the ugly - Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco has always been a special Grand Prix on the calendar. It’s a beautiful place, know for hosting the richest and glamorous parties in the world. It’s the home Grand Prix for all the French drivers on the grid. And more importantly, it’s a place where the air of champions can be felt forever because nothing’s changed here – same track and same road for ages now. Ayrton Senna’s  six victories, Keke Rosberg’s impressive and dominant win in ’83, Sir Stirling Moss’ s win in 1961, and the list goes on – 71 years of history jam-packed right there in the small principality of Monaco.
Monaco has historically been the most difficult track to overtake on because of its narrow streets, the barriers  and of course the track layout itself, which gives no space for making a pass.  Yet, we wouldn’t say that for Michael Schumacher, who has made numerous passes around here. To  shift our attention from drifting away into the glorious past where drivers were racing wheel to wheel and pushing the l…