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Malaysian Grand Prix - Qualifying and FP3

The final practice session concluded with 3 different top runners in 3 FP's of the Malaysian Grand Prix, as Sebastian Vettel finally put his RB9 in P1 with 5 minutes remaining in the session. Both the RedBulls sat out for most of the session, and when they were out, they lapped in the 1.40's, there was no confirmation as to if they were on a race simulation or not. But the 1 lap pace they had to the end of FP3 showed nothing was wrong with the car, just that Vettel and Webber were pretty confident in their cars to not run or set times early. 
Here's the lap time sheet: 

1 Sebastian VettelRed Bull Racing-Renault1:36.435 2Lewis Hamilton         Mercedes                        1:36.568 3 Adrian Sutil               Force India-Mercedes1:36.588

The weatherman was finally right this weekend! Malaysian weather showed its true color(s) - grey, right during the most important session of the weekend. Q1 is, was and will mostly always be the same. The lower two teams like the Caterham and…


We wait our heads off for F1 to return and we get 2 races for the wait for (at least) 1! Back to back races, and 2 very contrasting venues. Its round 2 of the World Championship - Malaysia.
Its arguably the hottest grand prix of the year and to top off that sundae, 3 out of the last 4 Malaysian Grands Prix have been wet throughout the weekend, which means its also wet almost every time!

The race in Australia last Sunday, threw some light on the pace of the  teams and nature of the new Pirelli compounds. By the vision of my naked eye and statistics given by the nice hearted media, tells me that the most balanced car on the grid as of now,after 1 very improper race, is the Lotus. By if we're talking qualifying or a single lap run, then it has got to be the RedBull. Wait, aren't we missing something? Yes, the Ferrari! The F138 is somewhat similar to the Blackberry Z10. What Blackberry have done is, put together a hydrid of an iPhone, a galaxy and an awful looking box tablet to c…

Welcome to Melbourne! - City where you can see four seasons in one day. Oh wait, Round 1 of the 2013 FIA world championship

Author's note: Sorry for the late update! Being a student and writing a review is really tough. No more worries now, cause it's happy summer for me. And I have all the time in this world!  

Its been 3 months 17 days 10 hours and 30 minutes since Sebastian Vettel clinched his 3rd consecutive title in Brazil last year. Or just to scare you even more, 157,590 minutes.
The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today's a gift. That's why its called the 'present'. It is the present, isnt it? The points table has been reset, the 2012 cars are no more, new faces, new colors, and a very new and exciting season. And best part of all, everybody, even the reigning world champion starts his quest to retain that FIA trophy for another year, from 0 points under his name. While he tries to remain on top of the world, he's being chased by the hungry, tough and strong others, and there are some on the grid hoping to finish the season a step higher than the initial default…


It seems the grid wasnt actually fully completed. A situation arose a week ago ago concerning serious doubt over Luiz Razia's debut in the MR02 in Melbourne. The Brazilian rookie's future in F1 appears in tatters as he himself confirmed there are "conflicts" in his contract which would be sorted out in a "few days". Just a few hours back, the question "Will Razia race for Marussia" was answered. Razia out, Bianchi in.
Yes. Dont look surprised, it is the all famous Jules Bianchi who ran for the 2nd Force India seat but lost it to Adrian Sutil. His arrival in Marussia means better on track performance, which they need 'cause better performance means bigger cash prize.“We are very pleased to welcome Jules Bianchi to the Marussia F1 Team. Jules is a proven talent who is highly regarded within the Paddock" said John Booth, team principal of Marussia F1 team. And about Luiz Razia's departure “We have found ourselves in a situation where we…

News from the Paddock!

Its very rare in F1 that news comes from the paddock every day of the week. But when when it does, we shouldn't miss it for the world!
So heres news from the paddock in last 7 days:

2013 GRID COMPLETE!! - Finally after waiting a long time, its confirmed that we're all set for the season opener at Melbourne! All 11 teams, with their 2 full time drivers and reserve driver(s) will head to Australia next month. So, which were  the 2 new names we were waiting for all this while? Luiz Razia at Marussia teaming up with Max Chilton . And after light years of discussion, Force India finally announced their second driver. Adrian Sutil  who is to team up with Paul di Resta for the 2013 season. Now ,since they announced only yesterday, we have no specifics as to how many years his contract is signed for or anything. But they did take some sort of audition for the seat. So the process went somewhat like this: Jules Bianchi and Adrian Sutil both tried out for the seat. But Force India manage…