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Formula One taking the wrong exit at a roundabout?

With 2 races till the end of yet another season of Formula One, I do not really have to wait to give my opinion on how the season has been so far. Nothing can happen in the next two rounds of 2016 that has not been screened before. 2016 was nothing like 2015 where there was a mix of scarlet with the silver - Sebastian Vettel often playing the role of a therapist to ease the tension between the two Mercedes drivers in press conferences. 2016 was rather a season full of controversies, record breaking streaks and anxiety amongst drivers and teams. I must admit, though, that it was quite a bit entertaining. However, on an other side , disappointingly, it revealed cracks in the very grounds on which the sport was built.
Gone are the days when Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost spiced up the on track bombast with their heart stopping racing or when the media highlighted the off track rivalry between strikingly different but charismatic driver personalties amongst Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Now th…

Mexican Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel's radio banter gone wrong? Gone right?