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Looking forward to 2015 - Driver line ups (part 1)

Mid season drama, or termed 'Silly season' in Formula One starts around the month of August and goes on pretty much until every move/decision has been leaked or confirmed by the drivers or personnel. This year however was very volatile. One one hand we had Fernando Alonso, dubbed as "the best driver in Formula One" by pretty much everybody. This Spaniard was tired of Ferrari's promises and looking for an exit somehow. And on the other we had the (back then) reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel, who had achieved all that he could in his time with Red Bull and every year ends up hearing the same news of him 'moving to Ferrari'. The chain of "who goes where" began with Vettel's sudden announcement during the 1st Practice session in Japan. However, until Austin, his whereabouts up and down the paddock was unconfirmed.

So, who is where now?

1. Mercedes - Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg 

Lewis Hamilton - Immensely motivated for next season, got…

Looking forward to 2015 (Part 1) - looking back at 2014!

Looking ahead to 2015 with (more than) a glance back at 2014! 

2014 has been a very ho hum year for me. Too much work and absolutely no time to blog! However, I have come up with an innovativeway of getting across the events of every race to you guys, which is another reason to look forward to 2015. But since I left off from the mid of 2014, let’s forget that season entirely*. Mercedes won the constructor’s, Lewis won the driver’s championship and of course, the entire F1 fraternity and fan base even today prays for Jules Bianchi’s fast recovery. 

Being very candid here, 2014 F1 Championship was very interesting but also humongously boring! I know, after 4 years of Sebastian Vettel dominance, who wouldn’t have liked Lewis taking the title? But for some odd reason, I found 2013 to be more enjoyable (let’s completely forget first place even existed..) And to back me up here are the 2014 season TV ratings which have pretty much been on a constant decline since 2013. Not only is it me, but …