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Life after Formula One

Mark Webber, who is retiring from F1 at the end of the season, has decided to join the Porsche's world endurance championship team next season. However, it's not very surprising to see a racer continuing to race at another series. Here are some of the ex-racers who have gone to venture into the other branches of occupation after retiring from one of the crown jewels of Motorsport - F1.
Drivers like Damon Hill and Martin Brundle have become the true ‘voices of F1’. After worldwide recognition as Formula One winners, Damon and Martin have established themselves in the media world of Formula One as ‘pundits of commentating’. Both the ex-drivers are now a part of the SkyF1 team, providing exceptional coverage for the inquisitive fans all over the world. Damon Hill was also mentoring his son, Joshua along his racing career, which he recently ended.
Michael Schumacher, who retired once again last year has gone all the way back to the very roots of Motorsport – Karting. This 44-year o…

DRIVER vs CAR - which one wins the championship?

Formula One is the greatest story of synergy between a car, its driver and the team. Right from the time when the car was invented, racing and speed were thrills that possessed every individual who had ever been a fan. And the urge to push an automobile to its maximum limit is what drove a few individuals to make and drive monstrous machines blasting past at 300 kph. Formula One is all about those individuals and their cars.
But over the years, along with the technological advancement that the world raced ahead with, the sport that symbolises speed also headed down that lane. And it had to inevitably, because ‘improvisation’ and ‘speed’ are the only two lifelines of F1.
But this advancement added to the advantage of the cars. Today, F1 is known as a sport in which the winner is the one who has the best equipment rather than the driver with the most innate skill. The billion dollar self-governed pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1, is a sport that has been heavily influenced by high tec…


From a precarious race with ever changing weather in Australia, to a controlled race in Hungary; covering controversy, constant tyre changes, loose wheels, and pit lane accidents along the way – 2013 has been a tumultuous yet, thrilling ride for the teams and drivers. 10 races into the last season of the V8 engines, and the whole F1 fraternity has gone for the usual ‘recharge mode’ during the summer break.  But its just three weeks before the teams land in the historical Spa Francorchamps to resume the latter half of the season. Here’s the mid-season review before we head on with the more interesting half of the season, where the championship battle between the top 3 drivers will heat up. Red Bull Racing:Red Bull is the only team on the grid to maximize their results every race. Now, ahead in the constructors fromMercedesby almost 60 points, they don’t have a speed breaker ahead in their course. Their No.1 driver, Sebastian Vettel, too is in clear air with the nearest contender, Kimi …