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Not the end yet..

We're right now in the 16th Grand Prix into the season.. from Melbourne to The Buddh, Noida, and with just 4 races left for this season,  all that we've figured out is that , F1 2012, is an illusion. A mere illusion that plays not just with our eyes but also with our temporal sulcus and more importantly, our betting skills!! We're perplexed! not being able to judge or decide on what will or might happen in the race and who'll survive and emerge winner of all 24. Well, all I can say is this: Readers, THIS is FORMULA ONE 2012. 
With a blowing start of 7 different race winners in 7 races from 5 teams- and that's astounding  - A never-ever seen before in F1 had just happened. Soon within the 8th race at Valencia, the driver with the prancing horse, Alonso took his 2nd win and cut the chain from growing any longer in that direction.  2012 has so far given us many surprises, othe…