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2nd pre season test- Barcelona

Jerez Testing

Author's note: Its a bit too late to post an article on Jerez tests, when the second test at Barcelona has already begun, but I think that's okay. And just to hint you: Jerez is pronounced 'Hur-ez', just a note cause I kept pronouncing it the wrong way (until I saw Ted Kravitz, from Sky F1 do the correct pronunciation) and happened to get embarrassed when I had to use that word in front of a crowd.
Jerez Testing
The first pre season testing just finished. And just like last year, Lotus, Ferrari, RedBull Racing, McLaren and Mercedes looked pretty good. In fact, include the Force India and the sauber who looked to be contending for the top 3 lap times. So, what exactly did happen the last time when many cars looked pretty quick? Oh yea, 7 different winners in 7 races from 5 different teams. There's nothing that stops it from happening again.. A few conclusions that can be taken out of this first test.
 Firstly, this isn't the first time Mercedes has looked reall…