30 day F1 challenge: Day 2

Day 2: My favorite driver and why

Sebastian Vettel is my favorite driver. And it's not because "oh look! 4 time champion! And he's great" reasons, but because I believe that if there has to be a champion he should be more than just a racer. The great thing about Vettel that people generally misunderstand or don't like is that he's a humble, humorous light hearted wild animal which can kill, I believe every world champion should be. He has the competitive arrogance which is necessary, he has the humbleness that sets him apart from the heady drivers on the grid, and his mind is strong enough to carry all criticism and still be as unbreakable like a wall. Most of all it's the insatiable hunger that he has to win at all costs that I admire in him. I could go on and on.. really.

Don't forget that his speeches are gold! And so are his interviews! It's from the image that drivers create in their interviews with which fans decide who they prefer, so I say he earned him one. And his morals and beliefs are the ones you can rarely find in a 26 year old millionaire in today's world.


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