30 Day F1 challenge: Day1

Day 1 - Your earliest F1 memory

My earliest F1 memory, mind you, MEMORY would be one of the races in 2004, when my dad was flipping the channels on a lazy Sunday afternoon I happened to pass by and see a couple of cars going around. I was 6, so I didn't see the race. But my dad called me and said "That's Michael Schumacher. He is a champion". F1 became  like meditation, a lifestyle, only after I saw a race live. Only since 2011. But I watched a race on TV in 2007 and Lewis Hamilton immediately became
my favorite. But my first full season would be 2011. Pretty late.. but ah, you never know when you'll fall in love with a sport! ;) 


  1. Next will be Fußball! :D and Arsenal!! :)
    Schwester Sie werden in der Liebe mit dem Fußball fallen!


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