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Pictures from the German Grand Prix

Note: Sorry! I know it's a bit late, and the German GP was 3 weeks ago.. but it won't hurt to look at the pictures from the paddock!

< Pic 1: Mark's loose wheel cased quite a ruckus in the paddock, but the FIA has a solution for that! 10 place grid penalty if the tyre is fitted loosely.

<Pic 2 - Sebastian Vettel celebrates with his team after maiden German GP win. Did you know Seb has scored twice as many points this year than he had last year by the 10th race.

<Pic 3: there's a reason why he's called Brittany.. fabulous hair!

<Pic 4: Alonso. Championship. Car. That's all in this pic.

<Pic 5: 26 years old, 3 championships, 30 career wins, 50 podiums.. and myriad records. Need more to explain 'great'?

<pic 6: The best part of the race is the start. When 22 cars line up, and the engines rev up. And you eagerly watch the treacherous 1st corner of the circuit wiping drivers out one by one.

  < After the booing in Canada, and the cheer …

Hungarian Grand Prix - FP 1&2

Red Bull completed a clean sweep of Friday practice for the Hungarian Grand Prix as Sebastian Vettel again edged out Mark Webber during FP2.

Having already set the pace in the first session, Vettel was again top of the times having been the first of the front-runners to set a time on soft, with Webber's attempt leaving him just 0.044s shy. 

Romain Grosjean showed that Lotus will remain in the mix after setting the third fastest time, while team-mate Kimi Raikkonen struggled to get a clear lap in after starting his low fuel run late in the session and almost collided with Jenson Button at the final corner as he approached the much heavier McLaren.

Raikkonen recovered to set the eighth fastest time, but later experienced large blisters on his front tyres when running on high fuel.
Fernando Alonso showed encouraging pace for Ferrari as he was just 0.162s off Vettel's time after he set the fastest middle sector but lost time in the final corner. Felipe Massa backed up his team-mate wi…


Lewis Hamilton made it back-to-back pole positions with another impressive lap to beat Sebastian Vettel at the Nurburgring.

With Vettel having looked dominant in FP3 and set the provisional pole time, Hamilton responded with a lap of 1:29.398 to edge out the championship leader by just 0.1s. Vettel starts second ahead of team-mate Mark Webber, but it was a bittersweet session for Mercedes as Nico Rosberg failed to make it through in to Q3.

Kimi Raikkonen showed the improved Lotus pace with fourth, while Romain Grosjean starts just behind his team-mate in fifth place. It was another very impressive performance from Daniel Ricciardo as he took sixth ahead of the two Ferraris, although Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso both ran on the medium compound tyre in the final session.

Jenson Button and Nico Hulkenberg start ninth and tenth having failed to set a time in the final part of qualifying.

It was a close session in Q2 as half a second covered the top 11 drivers, but Mercedes was caught out …


We're backing racing again at the all awaited for Nurburgring track. Amidst all financial constraints, Bernie and his new scheme of things did a tremendous job bringing back the historical track back into the calendar after all the hardships.

This weekend will be yet another start to the season as Pirelli have brought in new tyre compounds following a British Grand Prix dominated by tyre blows every minute. The season so far has been dictated by the tyres, as no matter what, they've made the headlines every weekend for all the ruckus they've made. But a positive out of all this is that other teams struggling with the excessive tyre wear are getting a chance to come under spotlight because of the concept of having new compounds for each race, on the other hand we're witnessing the Lotus team slowly drifting away into the positions between 5 and below.

The championship at this stage is very open. Last race showcased new possibilities for divers like Fernando Alonso and …


Image 1 - Jim Clark at Silverstone in 1967.

Image 2- That is 100kph in still. Through the pitlane goes Fernando Alonso.

Image 3- One of the 4 mishaps of the British Grand Prix.

Image 4 - Best Friends forever? No Mark, there cannot be 'best friends' in F1.

Image 5- WE FOUND HIM! Kimi Raikkonen, who's been hesitant all weekend to show his new look was found (caught) on camera behind the tyre trailer on the track!

Image 6 - Formula One is a sport where anything can happen anywhere and it usually does. This is Sebastian Vettel who retired while leading the race picture perfectly for his championships, handing over the trophy to Nico Rosberg.

Image 7 - British Fans and the race winner.


Three weeks is a long time in Formula One. Not just for the teams and drivers, but the fans too. And after a whole three weeks of no racing at all, I’m sure all of us would needed that kick of thrill and excitement. A track that has 63 years of history attached to it – starting with the first Grand Prix in 1950 to today – the British GP has been a vital addition to the calendar each year. What’s common between ‘enthralling’, ‘wet weather’, ‘spinning’, ‘crashing’, ‘history’? They’re the words closely associated with an ideal British Grand Prix. And this year’s race had pretty much all of it. There was big news coming out from the paddock the last three weeks ahead of the race weekend at Silverstone that stumped everybody. Firstly, news that Red Bull and Ferrari certainly weren’t delighted to hear – the Mercedes ‘Tiregate’ tribunal on June 20. After the hype during the Monaco Grand Prix, the hearing was concluded by giving Mercedes a slap on the wrist by giving them a mere reprimand. S…