30 day F1 challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Most spectacular crash

Every crash is spectacular in F1. Only from all the crashes did F1 evolve to be a safe sport. So, since when man invented car and racing began, accidents have been a part of the sport and often most looked forward to. One of the most spectacular crashes, which will be etched into every F1 fan's head is the crash when Ayrton Senna died in Imola 1994. The sight of Senna's Williams approaching the corner but goes flying off into the barriers is just haunting. It's still a mystery. How could a perfectionist like Senna, who drives with impeccable control,
lose a car in such a way that it disobeys him? When the Brazilian's helmet hung from the car helplessly, Sid Watkins ran to the crash sight and saw him breathe his last breath, hours later when he announced that that was the last time we would see the champion on track again, thousands of fans around the world were faced with a loss. It was the last fatal crash in Formula One and hopefully nothing like that ever happens again.


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