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Forza Jules Bianchi!

Suzuka hosted Formula One's most dangerous race of recent times. It was only fair to call it an act of sheer will and lot of stupidity to host a grand prix during a typhoon. However exciting, the grand prix only had to end abruptly with a life threatening crash of Jules Bianchi. 
Below is the most recent announcement from the FiA regarding his crash: 

Given any day, any time and any option, I would choose motorsports to be the ultimate sport. Though its widely assumed that its machine more than the man himself, but I beg to differ. Motorsports is risky, no matter which age we're in and how sophisticated all our advancements are. 
Formula One is the ultimate test of the capability of a sportsman/sportswoman, it is one of the many categories of motorsport where the most passionate and committed athletes in the world decide to see what they're made up of. Footballers, cricketers, basketballers may be brilliant in their own way, but racers belong to that human species with a uniq…