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One from a Billion - Arjun Maini

[ PS: This interview was conducted ages back. But something better than nothing after a 2 month hiatus, right? ]
Who is the next Formula One driver from India?” is a question people ask me very frequently. 
The next formula one driver from India is this guy who has won the Super 6 Championship, who’s driven a Formula BMW race and has won plenty of kart races and a JK Tyre National Karting Championship, Rotax Karting Championship and also holds the title of “One in a Billion” - a karting championship conducted by Sahara Force India F1 team. And with over 80 podiums and 20 career wins (and still counting), I am not the only one who believes Arjun Maini will be the prodigy from India who will secure a drive in Formula One in the coming years. 
Already having participated in the BRDC F4 championship 2014 with Lanan Racing, Arjun has earned the title of vice-champion with 480 points, only 3 points behind 2014 F4 Champion George Russell. He is truly the RACER that India is looking for.