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Breaking the media marshmallow code

It’s always great to have 2 races in 2 weeks. It keeps us on our feet! Literally. And if both the races are exciting, it’s a bigger bonus, because that’s what formula one needs and that’s what makes me write more. But before doing a review of both the races, which by the way was pre-planned, it wasn’t like I forgot about either one, I want to just voice my opinion on Sebastian Vettel’s exact words when he was asked about the new engine formula and it’s sounds- 

“It’s shit” 

Personally, even I’m one of those 83% who despises these changes and hoping for some sort of bright light of wisdom to hit the FIA delegates’ minds and they change all the rules. Although the same can’t be said about the drivers, who earlier criticised the engines (Bar the world champ) have turned tables, having gotten used to the new sounds. Some drivers like Sebastian Vettel though have taken it a step further by voicing the exact adjectives a thousand others and I had in our minds when it comes to the new engines.…


Malaysia has now became the home for team orders and bitter radio transmissions. After the ultra controversial ‘Multi 21’ team order of 2013, in which Sebastian Vettel denied to hold station behind his teammate Mark Webber and passed him disobediently, the fans hoped for a less contentious race on returning to the very same track in 2014. Which of course didn't happen. 

 And in this very case of 2014, Malaysia hosted the second round of “Felipe, Fernando is faster than you” although this time, it was Felipe Massa’s younger and less experienced teammate Valttri Bottas who replaced the Ferrari Spaniard in the famous transcript. Felipe, who I’m sure must have breathed a sigh of relief after breaking free of the Italian marquee Ferrari’s clutches, must have been disappointed when he was bound to “slavery” (as he called it) once again at Williams come a very familiar sounding message on lap 55-
 “Felipe, Valtteri is fast than you”
Team orders have never failed to create a stir in viewers’…