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Re: Hello!

Hello There!
Formula One 2012 season so nearing us and I'm jumping off my couch everytime I think of it! (Now I am...)
Well, unlike 2011, There hasn't been major changes in the cars, to put it in other words.. the dog's tail is still bent..except for a few "adjustments". We all are aware that Kimi Raikkonen is back in F1 2012, and this time hes racing for Lotus! (Didn't see that comin!). But the major question is.. Will RedBull dominate this year too? . I'm looking for the answer too.. But of all that I can make out.. There is going to be MAJOR ninja monkey action between The redbulls, McLarens and the ferraris. And there is a possibility of either Petronas and Force India having a good year ahead too!
Lets All hope for the best and start off F1 2012 with a bang!
15th of march! Here we come!