Get well soon Michael Schumacher!

The horrifying news of Michael Schumacher's crash while skiing hit like a bolt of lightning. The legendary Ferrari driver was on a holiday with his son when he lost control and struck a rock at high speeds and sustained major injuries on his head. Though he wore a helmet, Schumacher was severly hurt and was immediately air lifted to a hospital in Grenoble, France. Though he was concious, his reponding was not normal and by the time he arrived at the hospital, he had fallen into coma is what the intial reports say.

After nearly 24 hours of the news, it has been reported that the seven time world champion is in an 'hour by hour' fight for his life. Due to the constant varions in report by the media, the horror-stricken doctors held a conference earlier this day and gave a generalized report for the world's media. 
"At this moment we cannot say what Michael's future is" one doctor confimed in French. "We can say that his condition is life-threatening" he added.  Doctors also admitted the sustainance of "various bilateral lesions" in his brain after the first neurological procedure. 

More information as it becomes available.. 

Stay stong Michael! Get well soon. 


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