30 Day F1 Challenge: Day 24

Day 24 - Least favorite rule change
Credits to F1technical.net

The V8s to V6s rule change has disappointed me the most. Probably when Sebastian Vettel said it, people couldn't (or wouldn’t) relate, but it is true, when you feel the power of the V8s roaring beneath your feet, it’s inspiring. It’s the most stunning thing and has been the engine that majority of the world heard. The V6’s now will be less powerful, less noisier, less exciting. It looked more of a cheap shot “let’s put an end to this Vettelization” by the FIA. And considering Jean Todt’s re-election has obviously made him a man who can show a rainbow to a blind man, he could have done this followed by the horrendous disgraceful double points rule for next season. 

Happy Holidays!


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