30 Day F1 Challenge: Day 27

Day 27 - Your favorite F1 quote

"If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you're no longer a racing driver" - Ayrton Senna

It's probably what we miss the most in F1. The real racing where drivers push their cars to the limits without much concerns over tires, positions, etc. That's why I supported Vettel when he disobeyed team orders to overtake Webber anyway, because he was faster, he wanted to win. A very Senna-esque character trait that says few drivers are there, who still play the old ways. 


  1. I appreciate this mindset. Of course being a racing driver, it should be in your gene. But do keep a cautious eye on your car when you are driving. Sometimes pushing too hard can end your race.
    I am sure Vettel will soon add his aggression with strategy and tactics - then, by my reckoning, he will truly be invincible.


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