30 day F1 challenge: Day 5

Day 5: Your favorite current team
Though I'm a McLaren fan, I would say my current favorite team
is Lotus. Admittedly, it's because one of my favorite drivers Kimi Raikkonen was driving for them, but 2013 opened my eyes to another reason why I believe Lotus is by far the best team on the grid.

Well, first and foremost as any F1 fan would put forward as their reason- my favorite driver races there. But this year, it's also because Romain Grosjean lifted the bar pretty high. I'm happy to see that Lotus, like the olden days' McLaren, made the right decision to keep Grosjean despite all the ruckus he caused last year and nurture him to a top class driver who was the only challenger to Vettel in the 2nd half of 2013.
The whole team works well, despite all the financial trouble that they were challenged with, the team never let themselves dissolve in the crisis and kept the team together- sort of.


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