30 day F1 challenge: Day 3

Day 3: My least favorite driver and why

My least favorite driver would be Fernando Alonso. Yes, he's a great champion and I respect him, but Alonso's attitude is what puts me down. He complains way too much and refuses to accept his fault at times. You'd probably argue 'what about Vettel?' but he whines for a reason- when somebody's way too slow and is in front of him. Fernando may be the most popular driver on the grid, but his tactics and politics disgust me. The "psychological war" that he plays often turns out to be the most ridiculous thing ever and his inability to accept the fact that he's racing a fellow colleague, a driver and not an aerodynamicist is most frivolous. As I mentioned before, nobody can win championships in a car that's a few tenths or even seconds off pace. And thats probably why he never won a championship the last 4 years. But nobody said a car like that can't finish 2nd - and hence he's done it and finished 2nd - Whats great about that? The point I'm coming to is, why whine when you know 2nd is the optimum? And if 2nd seems to annoy you too much, why not shift teams? The fact that Fernando might just be afraid that he can't build another famous Italian team around him. And that's forcing him to stay put with the Italian marquee. People comparing Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel is also a bit stupid. They're both the best drivers on the grid. They know racing, they both can beat each other, they both are champions- so they've done something right. But the only difference between them I see is, Vettel's got the right attitude, the right mentality (an aspect which can make a huge difference) and Alonso hopes for his voodoo doll (which has failed miserably the last 4 years) to work so desperately that he often forgets to focus on his race and himself.

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