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One of the best things about writing.. anything, let it be sports, life, spirituality, whatever it may be, is that you know that you reach out to people. And I've been lucky enough to have people who follow this blog regularly. Thanks a ton for that :) because that's what inspires me to write more. This is my first blog, and it is always going to be, but everybody needs a change. A change of colors, change of perspective, a change of everything but yourself.

Find the change on :
A new look, new articles, new everything, but the same me writing.

My new blog 'On The Podium' is the one I'll be mostly blogging onto. It's far more expressive and bold (I think you can say that)..
I've got views worldwide, even from Egypt! which is a surprise, but I'm very happy to see that the sport is expanding and my blog contributes an atomic amount to that expansion. Viewers from whole of Europe, from Asia and America thank you for inboxi…