Fangio and Michael, here's you newest member: Sebastian Vettel

Lights, Camera and Action! every director hopes to create the a movie that excites the viewers and that hits big in the box office. Wondering where the movie topic popped up from? Well. I'm talking about a director-less film, which sure did hit the box office on a high and made the viewers feel worth of their 2 hours time every weekend. The perfect set up, 24 boys with crazy toys. The perfect background, around the world. The perfect script, strategies and management. The spice, unpredictability. The most realistic looking action, incidents. The romance, girlfriends and wives (Wags). The perfect ending, the world championship and 'happily ever afters'. And one more! The best parties for hits (wins) and the ruthless penalties for 'hits'. This is the movie: F1 2012

 It was a thrilling end to an enthralling season.  Its was either Red or Blue, A bull or A stallion, wet or dry and more importantly, Vettel or Alonso. Voices spoke "Fernando" and "Seb" in a cacophonous way. The sun hit like a bullet of hope for Vettel, and suddenly it faded away. It all seemed to play in Alonso's favor. Wet, Seb in P4, and more importantly more speed in the F2012 and Massa behind Vettel.

As the 5 red-lights went, the race was at 'go'. Vettel had a very slow start and slipped to P7 and in contrast, Alonso had a brilliant start and gained to P4. Swapped. But not even 50s into the last grand prix, a contact with Senna, saw the championship leader, Vettel, facing the wrong side of the track, 180 degrees. That would've been music to Alonso's ears.. but only for a split second. It was Abu Dhabi in Brazil! while Vettel made his way through the field from P24, Alonso was attacking podium from P4.
The confused weather made it even more tricky with tyre strategies. Vettel  made 4 pitstops! That's a big number and a big chunk of time. McLaren boys seemed to have it all under control, until an erroor from a front running Hulkenberg, wrecked Hamilton's suspension. Along with a drive through that pushed the force India to P5. All of this played once again in Ferrari's way. Alonso upto P3 with Massa in front. And yes, as expected Massa let Alonso through for the championship. But seeing the way Vettel has responded through the race after a spin, Alonso needed a P1 to take the championship for himself which wasnt going to happen with Button leading 20s from Alonso . Which in the end led to Sebastian Vettel taking the championship from P6.

Vettel fans (Vettelians) from all over the world were overjoyed. Sebastian Vettel, once again has added another record to his Achievements list. This though, was more important than any other, he was the Youngest Ever 3 time world champion. And the 3rd to join the late Juan M. Fangio and Michael Schumacher to win 3 consecutive championships. Alonso lost the title to his junior by a mere 3 points.
But this is racing, it's either win or lose.

Its 24 hours since the world championship was clinched, but yet, this question is a fresh runner in minds of many analysts and fans. Did Sebastian deserve the world title? Personally I feel, to contend in the championship, in the last race against no less than double world champions ,itself shows how deserving both of them are. Alonso for sure had a tough year, with more or less a decent car which could challenge for wins, but did not in the last 10 races. He fought hard for the championship and according to fans and analysts, was more deserving. (Which I don't agree with)
Sebastian Vettel's situation wasn't any better. He too had sticks and stones to pass. With reliability issues haunting them till the end of the season, and the pace not improving to meet the McLarens.  Sebastian Vettel had a tough first half,  in contrast to Alosno's best half of the season.  The second half went all Vettel's way, it seemed he's found the 'kinky kylie' in 'Abbey'. Singapore, Japan, Korea and India, all celebrated in the 2011 style: Take the car out on Saturday- make it stand in the front row- On Sunday , have a great start and pull away -  after 2 hours, pull the infamous 'Seb finger' out. Alonso was consistent with points, and was never much hyped about. They both are thoroughly deserving of the championship.

After an intense season of fighting battles over battles, Vettel has won the war. It just wasn't a battle of cars on track, it was a psychological war off track too. The one who makes the best out of the car, and remains absolutely calm about rumours and speculations, ends up winning the title. In this case, both Vettel and Alonso did the same. But it also needs the right attitude and lady luck to do so. And thus, here's our world champion- Sebastian Vettel.


Good-Bye and Good-Luck Schumi
And Good luck with Mercedes Lewis!


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