Why Ferrari wont risk protesting and why Seb might keep his 3rd title.

F1 season is over. It was a brilliant showdown in Brazil. Thank the rain for all the excitement and for bits and pieces of nail and hair all over the floor. All settled. Sebastian Vettel is the youngest ever 3 time world champion, though Alonso took the chequered flag under the safety car in P2. Everyone was happy, for a nice and long season and finally, a world champion. 

Right after all that happiness and relief, news pops in. "Vettel's title legal?"  Twitter burst with comments about this. "TAKE THE TITLE AWAY" sreamed Alonso fans and "Ferrari International Assistance [ F.I.A ]" Moaned Vettel fans. When confirmation came out, that the two moves Ferrari had spotted were legal, twitter was back to a socio-friendly site. Tweets with loads of omg's and ily's. On Wednesday, another uproar of tweets flooded my twitter. It was again Ferrari upto something. This time, it was a move on Vergne that caught everybody. A YouTube video suggesting that Vettel overtook Vergne under the Yellow flags, became instantaneously, a hit. Even now, there's doubt in everybody's mind whether Ferrari will protest and threaten Seb's title. Through some thinking, I can say, why Ferrari might not protest and why it's soon to be just a bygone. 

Firstly,  The fans and viewers. F1 is one one the worlds most popularly viewed sport. 500 to 600 million people turn in to watch the race every weekend. If Ferrari  protests, and in case Vettel is disqualified off his championship, will result in losing a huge number of views. Bernie doesnt car who views F1, he cares about how many do. F1 at this stage cannot afford to lose many views again. This once happened before, when the FIA disqualified Ayrton Senna out of the Japanese Grand Prix in 1989 to let Alain Prost win the championship.

Secondly, Sebastian Vettel wasn't guilty at all! The video that shows an onboard view from Vettel's car , has missed an obvious and crucial decider - the green flags being waved before the green floppy marker.  While everybody has gone on and on about this issue, have missed out on that. It can't be seen via onboard cams but its projected pretty clearly when seen in the official race view. 

Thirdly, RedBull, Ferrari and McLaren, to be honest are the top teams and majority of the people in the stands would be seen wearing a Red, Blue or a white shirt. If Ferrari happens to question and somehow manages to prove this illegality, RedBull aren't going to play mute, they will to take it to the FIA court and play it ugly. Even if the FIA cant do it, RedBull always have the ultimate option, to leave the sport and start their own championship, like Ferrari have been threatening to do. 

Fourthly, the sport in itself has a big name. And Ferrari has been, from the very beginning, a reason for why F1 has grown globally. Even places financially struggling, Spain, India, despite all struggles are committed to having an F1 race, why? the people have keen interest and passion for motorsport. Keen interest from where? previous F1 races. But before RedBull who was dominating the sport? Ferrari. If Ferrari happen to do such a thing, what will happen to the sport? 

But more than anything, Ferrari have created their image in this sport for more than 40 years now, and even if they manage to win this title for Alonso, their image wont be the same hence. A title is to be earned, not taken. And moreover, even Ferrari fans wouldn't appreciate it. It may be glory, but unappreciated by their own fans and rest others.   


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