Circuit Of The Americas

We are only 1 single race away from the end.. for the championship to be settled and to see who among the 2 best drivers on the grid - Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso will emerge winner of all. As of now, Vettel has an advantage of 13 points. Honestly, If I were to put my money on one of them, I couldn't have been able to decide. Alonso, experienced, aggressive and calm under given circumstances. On the other hand, Seb. He's young, psychologically fit, aggressive when he needs to be, and determined. So, who'll triumph over the other? We'll have to wait for a week more! :) 

That's all serious - 'at the end' talks. This year's new addition - Circuit of the americas! F1 returns to America after 2007, and this can be said, the Americans havent lost it in them yet! 100,000+ fans!! And my, what a turn up! I would personally call the COTA something like a goodie bag. In which you get treats like Eau Rouge from Belgium, Maggots and Becketts from England, the eleveation from India and the Esses from Japan and a treacherous turn 19 which managed to catch EVERY driver on the grid! The race was, honestly nerve wrecking and hair-pulling to watch. Hamilton surprisingly came in P1, which means he holds a 100% win record here at America. In at P2 comes RedBull's Sebastian Vettel followed by Ferrari's Alonso , nearly after 40secs after his rival, Vettel crossed the line.
In very brief, I want to jot down some important names on the drid.
Lewis Hamilton:   A good race for him. He managed to stay within 1.4s of Vettel throughout, until the latter half of the race. He might miss the champagne for a while next year.. all in all, brilliant!

Jenson Button: My My Jenson! Surged through the field as if he had jet engines powering his car! and yet managed the tyres like silk! Thats a new avatar of jeson.. and its a 'to be seen'.

Sebastian Vettel : He too had a flawless race until Karthikeyan help him up in S1 and "invited" Hamilton to pass. Until then, he proved twice and other 26 times why he deserved to be champion each time. 

Mark Webber: Pity. A real shame. Webber had an excellent start! (Finally! He got over with the 'left the clutch a bit late' problem) and then the RedBull's most feared enemy : Alternator, ONCE AGAIN, left him and the team down.

Massa: He looked stronger than alonso all weekend. Even in qualifying! But what do Ferrari do? Act like they're new to success and nouveau riche! They changed the gearbox on Massa's car to pull Fernando to the clean side and a position up. I really feel Massa deserves better. Horrible. Absolutely spoil sport-ish attitude!

Schumacher: Tough luck. After qualifying P5, he settled for somewhere off the points.

Thats the coverage of the US Gp. 19 down, 1 to go! 
Go Seb and Alonso!
May the best win!!  


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