Sebastian Vettel is 2012 F1 world champion - confirmed!

Sebastian Vettel will remain the long waited for, 2012 world champion after FIA stated 'no case' to answer over Vettel's overtaking move on Toro Rosso's Jean Eric-Vergne controversy, and hence the pass was legitimate.  A green flag waved by the track before Vettel made his move overrides the flashing trackside warning lights which Ferrari were seeking clarification on. Charlie Whiting, FIA delegate quoted that  the yellow-flag sector at Interlagos started at the light panel just before Turn 3, at marshal sector 3, and ends about 150m before Turn 4, where a green light panel is displayed.
However, there is a marshal's post in between these two panels and a green flag was being waved there on that lap.
Under the FIA's rules for the Brazilian GP, if a green flag is displayed before a green light - as it was in Vettel's case - it is the first green that counts.
Therefore, there will be no further action taken on this case. 

Congratulations Seb and RedBull Racing!! 


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