Comment: Jaime Alguersuari

This is what Jaime Alguersuari had to say on 'Michael didnt defend againt Vettel'.  Alguersuari is an ex-Torro Rosso driver who apparently got 'KICKED' from Torro Rosso for under-performing in the 2011 season.  He has a 'strong sense of attraction' to fellow country-man Fernando Alonso. Seeing this comment from him was a bit of bittersweet. Start with the sweet. I think this is very sweet because I just realized I'm living in a world where 2 people of the same country can give up anything in hand to let his fellow country man live his dreams. I'm in a way very proud of him. And it's also kind of sweet, that he would do this despite knowing the fact that he's going to get kicked again , for doing such a thing, if he plans to drive for that team for another year and once again, he'll be jobless for yet another year of his life. Michael had no worries when letting Vettel pass for the championship and certainly, he had nothing at all to lose. Mercedes was pretty much cemented in the constructors and an addition of Michaels' points wasn't going to change that, and secondly, he's retiring - that means, no more F1.  So, even if Ross Brawn comes on the radio and says "You're fired Michael!", the 7 time world champion wont mind.  Now the bitter part of it: If Jaime (Spain) is willing to let Alonso (Spain) to go for the championship, why can't Michael (Germany) let Vettel (Germany) for clinching his 3rd title?!
Mr. Alguersuari, please reconsider your words. Because it's not just engineering and political interests and money. It's also about having good friends around the paddock. And your undeserving Vettel, happened to have one - Michael! He has one, because unlike you, he's proved his worth in F1 and DID NOT get kicked.



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