They're in it, to win it..

That's it! It's now down to the next 72 hours to see who The Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace will Favour.
The championship has narrowed down to just 2 contenders, Alonso and Vettel, both double world champions seeking for their 3rd, in the final race of this dramatic yet thrilling season of F1. Sebastian Vettel, the reigning world champion currently enjoys coign of vantage with a 13 points lead,  heading into this 4.3 Km track.. But wait! You can't rule out Alonso yet! Seb has surely got a better car, and has optimised his results. But Alonso's relentless accretion of points over the course, has kept him well in reach for his 3rd.
"Life at it's best, is completely unpredictable" Chris Walker.
We have seen the unpredictable in the past, and its time to see it ONE more time this season. The circuit of Interlagos, feeds good excitement to the fans and a real challenge for the drivers.
Its not just like "Any other track.." Sao Paulo in itself is pretty well known for its ever changing weather. And no doubt, the race is going to be an interesting one with the tyre wear and etc and will, would, should provide the excitement of a championship deciding race for fans .. well,hat part is for Bernie and his money.. and of course, us spectators. Onto the drivers then! All drivers have 1 comment in common about this circuit, "It's very bumpy". And because its anti-clockwise, the neck muscles would have to withstand more pressure than normal.
History is pretty important. (Not many would agree, but if  Formula One can make Math  more interesting, why not history? Trust Me, I learnt my decimals by watching lap times on live timing! ) The Autodromo Jose Carr.. erm, Interlagos has favoured the RedBulls for the last couple of years.. But this year, anything can happen, like how the "ever suiting the redbull's track" Monza, gave them up this year.. it could be the same for the Brazilian GP.
Lets not be too sure about things like this, especially in this season!
Things that've been around the paddock for the past 7 days..

1) While McLaren is playing catch up with Ferrari for 2nd in constructors, RedBull Racing, over 100 points clear, have taken the championship.. in Austin with Seb's 2nd place. That also means, they'll have to pay a few mils more next years fee. (That..for WINNING the constructors? Phew.)

2) Bernie Ecclestone comments on Sebastian Vettel  "lacking Charisma". Honestly, I don't even know why that's a headline. That's just Bernie again, doing what he best does..

3) Pirelli say that tyre speculation for next year will change the aero of the car. As long as those noses that turned the 2012 cars into 750HP powered animals aren't to be seen again, its alright!

4) HRT up for sale! (It's been news for 2 weeks now, but its still fresh!) HRT is still looking for a buyer. It initially looked like it was soon to be owned by a Qatari owner, but then the deal broke. HRT has stopped development, and many quit recently. It's a meltdown for HRT.

Its similar to the human body. It takes ONE mistake from one man, to wind himself in a wheel chair, brain dead forever. It's the situation somewhat.. that the drivers, importantly, Alonso and Vettel, who're separated by a mere figure of 13 are in. If Alonso makes ONE mistake, the title could be all Vettel's. The glory and fame could all be his.. and Alonso could only dream about that being him..
Buts this is F1, its all about the synergy.. between drivers, cars, teams, luck and the insatiable thirst to win.


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