If you're too sensitive, watch a child's program!

It all started at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where 2 drivers, race winner Kimi Raikkonen and pitlane to podium master, Sebastian Vettel in 3rd, swore. 
Headlines flashed from newspapers, to magazines, to websites - "DOUBLE WORLD CHAMPION SWEARS ON PODIUM". When the first wave of these headlines flashed, I ignored it. But the second time, it wasn't the press and the media fussing about with this news, but it was, in fact, the FIA!
To be completely honest with the readers, the FIA and media have unnecessarily expostulated around this. And according to me, this all connects to the press conference being conducted in the podium. 
Imagine , you build the best robot for your school science fair. Everybody said so. But on the day of the results, your competitor, influenced the judges to make himself win. You’re shocked to see you haven’t won, even after many favored your project. You’re agitated and don’t know why. After a few hours, the school committee found out and ripped him off his win, and declared you the winner. You’re out of words and got yourself a good sum. Suddenly, friends surround you and ask super exciting questions. You have loads to say before that and it takes time to sink in.

Sebastian Vettel started from the pitlane, made his way to P12 with a slightly damaged wing, before the 1st safety car came out. He ran into the DRS detection board and damaged it enough for Rocky to tell him to box. That pused him back to P21. He ran his 2nd time through the field.. which brought him finally to P3.

Kimi Raikkonen had possibly the best start in the whole grid. Perfect start that brought him in P2 behind Lewis. The race seemed under Lewis’s control, until once again, his MP4-27 failed on him and gave the race lead to Raikkonen. Kimi is the 8th different winner this season.

Alonso had a clean start, but a podium finish from Alonso was pretty expected. No surprises.

All the 3 drivers were pumped up on the podium, especially Kimi and Sebastian. Champagne and a trophy to carry along, after a CRAZY race.. Then comes the fun spoiler. The post race press conference, on the podium! After a crazy race, Raikkonen, Alonso and Vettel survive the heat of the desert. You’re filled with adrenaline.. and its not sunk in yet, that you made it through the field twice or had the perfect start to P1!! And when you’re asked questions right after the champagne drinking and a tiresome race, its obvious that you’ll hear something abnoxious from drivers.  What Im trying to say is, if the FIA probably stop this crazy “on the podium interview”, probably all swearing and “offensive language” usage will reduce automatically. In the heat of the moment, the adrenaline would take control of their body and things not meant to be said will be said.
This was taken care of, by the FIA in the most ridiculous manner, which was unnecessary and indeed very exaggerated.


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