Mercedes AMG Petronas review

Lewis Hamilton
Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton: 1st with 100 points 
Nico Rosberg:    2nd with 97 points                                             Mercedes: 1st with 197 points

If we have to get used to something this season, it's the podium being splashed with white every race weekend. It is no secret that Mercedes started off strong and have been thrashing their competition ever since the beginning of the season. Although one would be a fool to say that their dominance is all owed down to the most powerful engine on the grid, the Mercedes. Because the 2 drivers from this team have done the most perfect job that can be expected. All pole positions and race wins belong to Mercedes, which explains why they've already won the contructor's championship for all practical purposes. 

From Malaysia through Spain, Lewis Hamilton has won every grand prix with his teammate, Rosberg, following right behind in P2. Though we couldn't possibly say Hamilton had it easy all the way! He had pressure from Nico twice in the last 4 grands prix, resulting in some of the most brilliant on-track battle for the win. The late pressure from Rosberg in Bahrain and Spain gave a confirmation of Mercedes' orders to let both their drivers race. 

With their besoke higher nose fitted in China, Mercedes made no further upgrades coming into the European leg of the season in Barcelona. Of course, it made no difference because they lapped 16 cars and left only the top 6 cars to complete the whole race distance. 

 After four dominant race wins under Hamilton's name and four 2nd place finishes under Nico's, one may accuse the latter of facing a severe inferiority complex. However, Nico's mindset seems otherwise- "it is important to try and break his momentum, turn it around, and get the win myself this weekend, so I am aiming to do just that" He wrote on his column for the Daily Mail. But on the other hand, you have Hamilton, who wants bigger gaps and not settle for just winning the grand prix with a small gap to Rosberg in 2nd. In simple words, he wants utter dominance. And as suggested by Jenson Button, his former teammate, Lewis "plays mind games" in order to get that done. He was quoted by BT sport; "I am sure there will - if there aren't already - be mind games going on. There were a few things he played on me" 

However, he believes Nico will be unaffected by these as "Nico is intelligent to know if Lewis is playing mind games or not, which in some ways could help Nico or harm him. He might just end up getting fed up with it. But Lewis is fully of confidence at the moment and he is a fierce competitor when he is like that, even when he is not having a good day."


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