Ferrari Review


Fernando Alonso
Kimi Raikkonen
Fernando Alonso: 3rd with 49 points                 Ferrari: 3rd with 66 points 
Kimi Raikkonen: 11th with 17 points

"Finally Ferrari gives Alonso a good car!" sighed almost every fan during pre-season testing. Only had they waited for a bit longer to conclude the most inappropriate and fallacious theory of Ferrari's 'good car'. 

With Kimi Raikkonen's re-signing with the Italian team, there was a lot of hype. "RUSH 2" posters with the world champions' pairing, "Terminator" with the same background were held out by fans during many grand prix events last year. However, it only failed to happen because neither of them were given a car which could challenge for the top 3 positions. However, internal battles and #1 - #2 drivers' controversy is already playing in full swing. 

For much of the season, Kimi Raikkonen's performance was a step below that of his teammate Fernando Alonso's, however, the Spanish GP ended the streak after Alonso was out-qualified and out-paced by the 2007 world champion. And he lead most of the race in a neat manner until a decision by Ferrari to stop Alonso thrice as against Kimi's twice proved to be the winner. With tires almost 10 laps fresher meant Alonso could push harder to overtake his teammate who obviously had older rubber.
Kimi's post race comments further accentuated on the fact that Alonso, even though paired alongside a world champion, is #1 at Ferrari. Kimi was quoted 

"Going for a two stop strategy proved to be the wrong choice because tyre degradation meant I couldn't push all the way to the end,"

Ferrari's only podium was brought home by Alonso at the Chinese GP however, he reckons the team has a lot more to prove.

"The car was under-performing in many areas - it was not just one problem," Alonso explained China post race. "We need to be more efficient, have better aerodynamics, better traction, better power. We lack some big performance in the first races."

Currently, only one driver is hauling majority of the points for himself and the constructors - the name isn't surprising- Fernando Alonso who is currently running 4 points clear of the defending world champion in the WDC. Way behind in 11th is the second member of the Italian Marquee Kimi Raikkonen who is slowly showing consistency after a bad start to the season. 

But as Alonso summed it up (just like last year.. and the year before.. and another year previous to last); 
"We had some chances to fight but we are still far away from where we want to be. Overall we were the fourth-quickest team, so it's disappointing"



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