Australian Grand Prix: Qualifying

In India, starsports network has 7 channels and here's the best part: not one of them broadcasted either of the sessions live. As ever, my patience had been tested and so I very hastily bought the most expensive app of my life - the F1 App.

£20 was the price, making me wonder if it really was absolutely necessary to buy this stuff. There is always live stream and what not! However, let me just say, it is indeed a brilliant app and fully worth the £20/$26.99 that you would pay to buy it.

The whole functionality is commendable. The second the application is live, a live commentary starts and with that, all the data in terms of sectors, speed traps, live positions and tyres. In connection with BBC5, Allan McNish and Tom Clarkson do a brilliant job to get the action missed on TV to your hand-held device.  The privileges after buying the full version don't stop there, now you get to compare your drivers head to head, intercept unbroadcasted radio messages, compare race performance and find all interviews in one place.

Bernie may be a money minded little white haired midget (with all the more respect for that man), but he does make you enjoy for the big sum of money you would spend on one of his services.

Here are the qualifications for the Australian grand prix thanks to the F1 App!


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