Australian GP in pictures

Kevin Magnussen's lucky shot unfortunately turned unlucky when his car failed to make it to the grid. Funnily, his drivers' parade car could have covered the race distance and made it to the grid!

Quite a chatty press conference apparently!

"Let me come and have a look in your garage!" says Vettel.

The only Aussie on the grid! Of course, he was hoping for better, but it is a long season. Also, he used up his 2nd engine out of the 4 total allocated for this season.

Just a valid meme I saw by geniuses at Looswheelnut.

As much as I think Maldonado isn't the best driver out there, I feel it is incorrect to pick on him for every crash. Even for the ones he hasn't caused. He is in Formula one because of the money he has got and also for the fact that he is fast (remember, he is a race winner)
Don't hate drivers.

Kvyat, Ricciardo and Button! Maybe the three saddest men of the day. One didn't even start, one failed to score points despite only 11 cars finished totally and one, who has a good car, couldn't do anything with it because of a bad engine.

And finally, a special mention to Alonso who didn't race here in Melbourne! No offence to McLaren or Alonso, (McLaren happens to be my favorite team actually) But seeing the state of the Honda engines, seems like Fernando's blood will be boiling by the time that get them fixed.

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