On messenger with Arya Gandhi

"How do I start racing in Formula One?"

It's a naive, but a very valid question for someone who aspires to be in the pinnacle of motorsport. Well, the answer to that is Karting! The first and most basic step that everyone in today's motorsport field has spent at least 7 years in. 

Mumbai boy Arya Gandhi is an Indian karting prodigy of Rayo Racing who started racing at the age of 11. Just like everybody, his first run in a go-kart was "just for fun" before he found out he went quicker every lap afterward. At 12, he had a go at racing professionally in the national series, and since then, his racing record has only grown to be more impressive! 

In a nutshell-
  • He has been karting for 5 years 
  • Won the National JK Tyre Rotax Max Kart Open - 2011 
  • Over the racing seasons, he has achieved 4 podiums 
  • He has been crowned AKOC 2011 champion in the micro max category
  • He made the big shift to Formula Cars in 2014, currently in Formula 4 while he continues to race karts. 

Q: How was your last season of Rotax?

Arya: Pace wise it was great but it was not really good in terms of the overall standings. The pace though was great throughout! 

Q: How much prep is there from your end to maximize results on race day?

Arya: Very little.... been really busy with grade 10... which just got over recently so I grabbed this opportunity to resume training

Q: What's your ultimate goal? What motivates you?

Arya: I think its the same as everyone's to win a title..but in my case, its too early to say. My motivation comes when I usually see a perfect kart 

Q: Have you got any insights into this upcoming season?

Arya: Nope..just hope its a race winning machine.

Q: What goes on your head while racing?

Arya: Sometimes a song gets stuck in my head! 

Q: You've spent your fair share of time racing karts, when is the big shift to Formula cars? Any indication it's in the near future?

Arya: Actually I've raced the formula four twice and I would be doing the remaining four rounds of it... (except the first round I missed)

Q: Diljith is right now in top form in F4, is he your target?

Arya: Well, I'm just newbie and I've raced this without any testing! Yes Diljith is as dominant as Hamilton and Rosberg! Equally dominant. And everyone will want to be as dominant as he is. 

Q: Speaking of Mercedes, you obviously do want to be there one day, but as of today, what do you think of the sport?

Arya: As of now, Formula one is just getting overly economical. I can see the future of formula one running with the engines of a Toyota Prius! 

Q: What would be your perfect world? 

Arya: Mine would be an F1 street race in Mumbai and me being the first Mumbaikar to win an LGB title! 

Q: Quickly: Michael Schumacher is awake, what's your say about this? 

Arya: I was obviously really happy, but I'm yet waiting for the time he will finally return home to live his normal life. 


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