Austrian Grand Prix through the lens

Lets start with a controversy! The above picture was from a deleted tweet by the Mercedes team. Yes, they ruled the track and yeah.. they might've been a bit drunk after the celebrations when they made this. But whoa! ease off Mercedes. That wasn't the right thing to do.

Austrian legends: Gerhard Berger and Niki Lauda

princess takes a selfie with the amazing crowds of Austria!

How's the mood in the world champions' garage? This picture sums up pretty much all their frustrations.

We've missed Mark Webber, haven't we? (I have most certainly not). Here's a fact you didn't know: Sebastian Vettel has retired every race that Mark Webber has been to! That is: 3 (Australia, Monaco, Austria)

Kimi Raikkonen on track. Can't have enough of the view behind! It's almost like we're racing at the Nordschleife!

Here's Niki Lauda playing Daniel Brühl. Wait.. what? RUSH got their casting spot on.

That is a total of 7 world championships in this image. Vettel (4) Lauda (3) but Helmut Marko and Gerhard Berger owning a million titles by heart! Legends. 

Oooh does it remind you of a pizza cutter? 

Felipe Massa's family celebrating his pole position on Saturday! 

Wear the Lederhosen when you are in Austria! 

Too many PR events around the Red Bull Ring! Here's Vettel in a RED CAR. It's Helmut Marko's BRM P160! 


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