Canadian Grand Prix in pictures

Rosberg, Vettel, Hamilton and Bottas all lined up as they go around 1/3rd of the track before the safety cars had to pull out. 

Kimi Raikkonen avoiding the famous wall of champions

Daniel Ricciardo, winner of the Canadian Grand Prix isn't much of a champagne lover. However, he doesn't mind getting soaked in it every now and then.

Sebastian Vettel congratulating Daniel Ricciardo (right) on his first formula one victory 

What happens when a formula one car slides sideways right in front of you while you're doing 250kph? Yes, it was a close miss for Sebastian Vettel when Felipe Massa flew in front of him after involving in a crash with Perez. (I am with the FIA on penalising Perez). Both drivers are safe and fine. 

Jenson Button's car is torn apart and worked on by his engineers. 

Guess the track walk paid off for Jev! He finally finished in the points in Canada! 


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