Brazilian Grand Prix through the lens

Felipe Massa takes his last walk into the paddock wearing Red.

Red Bull man next year (Dan Ricciardo) preparing for his very last grand prix with Toro Rosso.


Goodbye and Good Luck Mark Webber!

 Ending the season on a high is Sebastian Vettel. And helping Mercedes clinch second in the constructors is Lewis Hamilton.

Storm heads over the Carlos- Pace circuit.

His engine went on vacation before he did - that's what Romain Grosjean had to say about his last drive

. The man who enjoys the richest and spoils for now.. Sebastian Vettel after breaking yet another record this record breaking season.

"We will remember this battle; we will miss him," the Ferrari driver said.
"A great man, a great character, a driver of the old school, a lot of values in his personality. He is not afraid to say what he thinks."


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