News from the Paddock!

Its very rare in F1 that news comes from the paddock every day of the week. But when when it does, we shouldn't miss it for the world!
So heres news from the paddock in last 7 days:

Adrian Sutil - back in the game.
  • 2013 GRID COMPLETE!! - Finally after waiting a long time, its confirmed that we're all set for the season opener at Melbourne! All 11 teams, with their 2 full time drivers and reserve driver(s) will head to Australia next month. So, which were  the 2 new names we were waiting for all this while? Luiz Razia at Marussia teaming up with Max Chilton . And after light years of discussion, Force India finally announced their second driver. Adrian Sutil  who is to team up with Paul di Resta for the 2013 season. Now ,since they announced only yesterday, we have no specifics as to how many years his contract is signed for or anything. But they did take some sort of audition for the seat. So the process went somewhat like this: Jules Bianchi and Adrian Sutil both tried out for the seat. But Force India managers weren't sure about their skills, so they gave each of them a day of testing at Barcelona last week. After another week, one got eliminated (Jules, poor Jules) , and the other one got in.  

  • ONE MORE ASSET FROM McMERC TO MERC - Rumors were that he was to follow Lewis' footsteps to Mercedes. Well, those were "just rumors" back then, today it stands as reality. McLaren Mercedes have replaced the most pivotal part of their team, their technical director Paddy Lowe with Tim Goss. They suspect that the "telephone number salary" promised by Mercedes, lured their former tech director to the team. After losing their star driver Lewis Hamilton to Mercedes, and now Lowe, is McLaren on self destruct? 
  •  WOMEN IN MOTORSPORT - While Danica Patrick enjoyed her week in the news with her NASCAR pole, a rumor erupted concerning her shift to F1. She was quoted saying "It is speculation in the media, but it has never been seriously discussed". And when asked about her future options in F1, she had to say "never been really interested". Susie Wolff on the other hand is aiming for her super license. Wolff, Williams F1 development driver and also the one of the only 2 women in F1 (after Maria De Villota) to drive a 2,6 ltr V8 powered car on a circuit. Bernie Ecclestone is pushing hard for women in the male-dominated sport, so is everybody. So hopefully theres a woman to break records in the near future!
  •  FIA STRIKES AGAIN! - Cars have launched and teams have their line ups ready. Ah what the hell! they've even started testing their creation!. But wait, where is the FIA? Here they are! Finding faults with cars. And thats how we know, they are and they have been right here all the time doing their job. First to be caught by chaff is RedBull Racing, with the same old story from last year mid season - engine mapping. But that seemed to sort itself out. Then came Williams with a smart brake duct innovation. But the FIA called it illegal, but last week Auto Motor und Sport's Schmidt said Williams' version is legal, crucially because the exit holes for the airflow are stationary, meaning the layout cannot be deemed a banned moveable aerodynamic device. Now it is Lotus F1 which has embroiled itself in a situation somewhat similar to that of the Redbulls. But once again was turned down by Charlie Whiting
    Blueprint of the 2014 F1 engine
  •  V6 LESS POWER MORE GEARS AND NOT THE SAME F1 AGAIN -  2013 is the last season you'll get to hear the real F1 sound. So better hear enough of it this season so you can put up with the 'going to sound horrible' 1.6L V6's sound in 2014. "With the sophisticated 'ERS' energy recovery systems to complement next year's V6 engines, F1 is not set to lose much horse power." says Renault technical boss Rob White. In comparison with today's F1 engine that produces 750HP, the 2014 engines are set to produce 550 - 600HP. Along with that disappointment is an addition of an 8th gear. "The new engines are loud and the sound does justice to formula one. The glowing turbo is also a spectacle visually."said White. Thats not believable considering a deficit of 200 HP and a lesser fuel tank, now is it? And this was done to balance the cost against the fact that F1 will have stable rules for at least seven years. 
Thats news from the paddock!


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