It seems the grid wasnt actually fully completed. A situation arose a week ago ago concerning serious doubt over Luiz Razia's debut in the MR02 in Melbourne. The Brazilian rookie's future in F1 appears in tatters as he himself confirmed there are "conflicts" in his contract which would be sorted out in a "few days". Just a few hours back, the question "Will Razia race for Marussia" was answered. Razia out, Bianchi in.
Yes. Dont look surprised, it is the all famous Jules Bianchi who ran for the 2nd Force India seat but lost it to Adrian Sutil. His arrival in Marussia means better on track performance, which they need 'cause better performance means bigger cash prize.“We are very pleased to welcome Jules Bianchi to the Marussia F1 Team. Jules is a proven talent who is highly regarded within the Paddock" said John Booth, team principal of Marussia F1 team. And about Luiz Razia's departure “We have found ourselves in a situation where we have had to terminate our contract with Luiz Razia. Having made clear the basis on which we must operate in 2013, and given the steps we had taken to put that new structure in place, we had no alternative but to remain true to the principles which we had identified as being key to securing our long-term future" said the boss.


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