We wait our heads off for F1 to return and we get 2 races for the wait for (at least) 1! Back to back races, and 2 very contrasting venues. Its round 2 of the World Championship - Malaysia.
Its arguably the hottest grand prix of the year and to top off that sundae, 3 out of the last 4 Malaysian Grands Prix have been wet throughout the weekend, which means its also wet almost every time!

The race in Australia last Sunday, threw some light on the pace of the  teams and nature of the new Pirelli compounds. By the vision of my naked eye and statistics given by the nice hearted media, tells me that the most balanced car on the grid as of now,after 1 very improper race, is the Lotus. By if we're talking qualifying or a single lap run, then it has got to be the RedBull. Wait, aren't we missing something? Yes, the Ferrari! The F138 is somewhat similar to the Blackberry Z10. What Blackberry have done is, put together a hydrid of an iPhone, a galaxy and an awful looking box tablet to create the Z10. And thats exactly what Ferrari have done, its got very good race pace, and a decent qualifying pace, so it makes it equivalent to a RedLotus!
But keep in mind, Melbourne is not a race track, so what I may have inferred from there might change this weekend.

So, FP1 & PF2 were completed today.

FP1 -
Mark WebberRed Bull Racing-Renault1:36.935
Kimi RäikkönenLotus Renault1:37.003

Sebastian VettelRed Bull Racing-Renault1:37.104


Kimi RäikkönenLotus-Renault1:36.569
Sebastian VettelRed Bull Racing-Renault1:36.588

Felipe MassaFerrari1:36.661

This year's championship is going to be decided, not on who's fast and who has more downforce or who has more experience. Its going to be decided on the tyre gamble and choices that the teams make during the weekend and the race, and with that, hope that one team called Lotus doesnt run away with the championship tip toeing, like I mentioned, teams need to be gentle on tyres because the deg rate is high and if tiptoeing like twinkletoes helps, then voila!


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