I'm as dysfunctional and irregular as a 2014 Red Bull drivetrain and power systems.. oh and also as rare as the Renault engine not causing troubles

First of all, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for leaving this blog idle. Secondly, I have a darn good reason for it! *drum roll* 

I am officially an IB student. 

As an IB student, I wouldn’t like to, but have to say, that life is very hard. For those who don’t know what those two random letters put together are, IB stands for the "International Baccalaureate". It’s a system of education (you can call it that) and it is a highly rigorous 2 year diploma programme. And if you want me to rate it on a scale of 10, I’d rate it 11 (No sarcasm, I promise) 

So what if I’m an IB student? I could have posted something about the spicy Hamilton-Rosberg controversy or.. about how all of Australia is in smiles because of Ricciardo or how could I forget! or  about how brilliant Valtteri Bottas can get, right? Wrong. 

I quote the internet here- “IB students do not have a life”. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this:  

Or this.. 

Or actually.. just go through all of these-  http://ibmemes.com/ 

So why did I take the IB? .. (one surely must be a lunatic to do such a thing!)

I'll put that in the next post! 


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