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So why the IB? 

My ultimate goal is to be in Formula one. And my IB diploma will speak greater when I apply to universities to ultimately be in formula one. Its not just the “study study study” regime, it’s more of the “study, research, know and not learn” regime. As IB say it themselves, it’s a “holistic development” that a student undergoes, being in this programme. It’s a challenge, it’s a grind and it’s a huge jump for me, but Im here to push the limits. 

Even though I’m in this new school and its an exciting atmosphere, it feels almost being back to square one where no one knows heads or tails about Formula One (I found that offensive) And so I set out on a “venture” spending countless hours explaining what racing and F1 are. Yes, it was a venture. Because the questions thrown at me were.. interesting and put a roadblock to my thinking. 

“Wait.. go karting is F1 right?” 

“Aren’t they like fitted with jet engines? Why don't they fly because of speed-breakers?” 

“What’s the speed limit in racing?” 

But there was one smart question- 

“Do F1 teams require you to have an IB diploma along with a university degree?” <No, an IB diploma isn’t required. But a university degree for an engineer is undoubtedly required> 

So over my summer break, I did extensive research on jobs in F1 and their requirements. Thats when I came across this bizarre stat that estimates that 50,000 people working in F1 in the UK alone and nearly half of them are of the engineering background. (No pressure, I know) So as I dug deeper, clearly trying to calculate my chances of making into this elite group, and spent hours and hours trying, i came across this blog on wordpress. 

This is where your job in F1 myths, dramas, confusions start getting clarified. 

Motorsports is a very exciting field to be in. Unlike most other sports, there is always an opportunity for innovation and improvisation. However, motorsport, as exciting as it can be (and seem to be now) can produce very short careers. That shouldn’t stop you from chasing for it because once you get there, into an F1 or NASCAR or Le Mans team, it is like a superglue attachment that will never free you (like 3M, but better!)  

I’ve gone through this wordpress site a couple of thousand times, reading the comments section and the oh-so-valuable posts that give you a perspective from a gentleman who already is where we want to be. 

Now that I’ve proved my point here, I’ll just go back to writing about this brilliant season of racing! (And the not so brilliant stuff) 


  1. Hey petrol head daughter.. how come you always end up being my teacher !!! Someone from whom I learn to have conviction in life :-)


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