Pictures from the Belgian Grand Prix

The infamous Eau Rouge. The sweeping right hander which can play with a driver's mind.

Old is gold, this is the Spa Froncorchamps we know today, taken many soever years back!

 Green peace protesters displaying banners against Belgian GP sponsors Shell against the usage of Arctic oil.
That's why we saw boos on the podium. Not for Seb.

Sebastian Vettel, winning his 5th race of this season and en route to his 4th title. Can anybody put an end to his dominance? I don't see that happening this year!

Had to put this one because he has demonstrated this weekend, that dying your hair with peroxide because you lost a bet can get you better straight line speed to bravely move across Hamilton in P1 to take the lead.

Are they in the making of the strongest team in F1?

Champagne spray on DC.


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