Pictures from the German Grand Prix

Note: Sorry! I know it's a bit late, and the German GP was 3 weeks ago.. but it won't hurt to look at the pictures from the paddock!

< Pic 1: Mark's loose wheel cased quite a ruckus in the paddock, but the FIA has a solution for that! 10 place grid penalty if the tyre is fitted loosely.

<Pic 2 - Sebastian Vettel celebrates with his team after maiden German GP win. Did you know Seb has scored twice as many points this year than he had last year by the 10th race.

<Pic 3: there's a reason why he's called Brittany.. fabulous hair!

<Pic 4: Alonso. Championship. Car. That's all in this pic.

<Pic 5: 26 years old, 3 championships, 30 career wins, 50 podiums.. and myriad records. Need more to explain 'great'?

<pic 6: The best part of the race is the start. When 22 cars line up, and the engines rev up. And you eagerly watch the treacherous 1st corner of the circuit wiping drivers out one by one.

  < After the booing in Canada, and the cheer in Silverstone when he retired, the German grand Prix was a treat, when he passed by that huge banner and the sense of massive support I'm sure would've cheered him up. 


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