Camaraderie : no meaning found

If everything happened the way it was supposed to between Mark and Seb in 48th lap of the Malaysian Grand Prix, will the Bull family live happily ever after? This is probably the way the world wanted to see it; Mark Webber leading the grand prix from his teammate and keeping the lead till the chequered flag. And I don’t see why the world wouldn’t want to see this happen considering all that sticks to people’s minds is ‘breaking the rules’, myself included.
Say, Mark Webber takes the win, and the podium isn’t all that very depressing. There will be another child in this story who’ll crib about the team that held him off from a potential victory and that’ll be Sebastian Vettel. You may think ‘ah he’s had 26 victories before! what’s with 1 which couldn’t be put in the bag’?, but every victory is a huge deal in F1. It’s good for the sport, and of course, it’s good for the driver and the team. But fighting against a teammate, disobeying some orders, ability to take all the criticism  for that one position, is the thing of champions. The ‘win at any cost’ is what makes champions like Schumacher, Senna, Jacky Stewart and all others. And that’s the difference between Mark Webber and his teammate. Now the story is a bygone. If Mark Webber had won, he’d still be number two, if Sebastian hadn’t won – his position in the team sure as hell wasn’t going to change.  So let the result be as it is.
In the vast, extensive history of Formula One, starting from the 50s [and still running successfully], team orders have been a crucial part of the sport. But the most recent ones were “Alonso is faster than you” by the Ferrari team in 2010, it wasn’t made a big deal out of. In fact, as a slap on the wrist, the team just got fined a couple o’ million. “Mark we need to maintain the gap” in silverstone 2011 to Webber who was running behind Vettel. He disobeyed the order to go and attack his teammate. The only difference in Malaysia was Vettel makes the move stick after disobeying the order. One thing affirmative is even if Webber had won this race, there is no clear air between the 2 teammates as the tiff in Turkey 2010 clouds it all again.
The most recent news flashing  is Webber’s new ‘camaraderie’ act!
After Sebastian Vettel further fueled the fire in China by quoting “He (Webber) didn’t deserve to win”, Mark Webber told IANS via email “Now into its my 7th season, my partnership with Red Bull racing is one of the longest between a driver and a team. Sebastian and I are a team and we share great camaraderie”.  Too good to be true, eh?
Mark Webber reached another career landmark in the 2013 Bahrain GP, which was his 200th race  and happened to be won by his teammate. While a week earlier, there were reports of him ending his F1 career forever by leaping into the world of LeMans with the Porsche team.  But according to him, it was a negative. But that wasn’t much of a surprise after he said ‘there was a lot going on in my mind the last 15 laps (of the Malaysian GP)’.


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