Now, onto 2013!

After 247,642 miles driven (390,495Km), 31,800 Tyres used throughout the season, 1139 overtakes by the 24 cars together, 957 pit stops, removing 4 tyres and putting new ones on just within the blink of an eye - 2.31sec, speeds of 346Kph and 7 different winners from the 7 opening races and 8 in total. 
                                                                     This is Formula one 2012.

What a season it was! Each grand prix being a 2 hour thriller movie each weekend. Whats REAL racing? 2012 season is its epitome. Monaco, Valencia, Brazil and Singapore were hair raising and heart stopping, while Abu dhabi and Brazil were each an inspiring tale of 2 world champions who were going to stop at nothing to win that crown of the World Champion and etch their names in the history books. After a (supposedly) ho hum 2011, 2012 was a an opener to what real F1 is.. awesome and prodigious racing. 
And through the longest F1 calendar of 20 races, Sebastian Vettel clawed his way from being at a 50+ points deficit to just nicking the championship by 3 points in the end. 

Its the 2 month break now, where the drivers do whatever they want, hang around, meet friends or go on holiday after working the whole season. But its not going to be too long, for they're going to be back again with their new cars in February, testing at Barcelona. F1 isnt a weekend sport where its the Saturdays and Sundays which are most important. Its a all year round sport where even the smallest development, a slight position change can make a huge difference. For the drivers, the track is home away from home, and the engine sound is music to their ears. 2012 is over and now, its 2013 thats coming.. After winning 3 consecutive championships, Seb will start once again, from 0, and with him equally, will be another 21 drivers on the grid. 

At the end of 2011, I tried my best to try and guess 2012. And now thinking back at my predictions, I've failed miserably. Again, only a fool would be stupid enough to try to guess the 2013 season, but that’s exactly what I am, so I’m going to try. 


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