Breaking the media marshmallow code

It’s always great to have 2 races in 2 weeks. It keeps us on our feet! Literally. And if both the races are exciting, it’s a bigger bonus, because that’s what formula one needs and that’s what makes me write more. But before doing a review of both the races, which by the way was pre-planned, it wasn’t like I forgot about either one, I want to just voice my opinion on Sebastian Vettel’s exact words when he was asked about the new engine formula and it’s sounds- 

“It’s shit” 

Personally, even I’m one of those 83% who despises these changes and hoping for some sort of bright light of wisdom to hit the FIA delegates’ minds and they change all the rules. Although the same can’t be said about the drivers, who earlier criticised the engines (Bar the world champ) have turned tables, having gotten used to the new sounds. Some drivers like Sebastian Vettel though have taken it a step further by voicing the exact adjectives a thousand others and I had in our minds when it comes to the new engines. 

Well, those adjectives didn’t make his situation any easier, because he was castigated from all four sides, but yet I am one of those who side along with him. Not just because I too support his view, but for the fact that he didn’t mind being the bad boy who said the harsh truth. 

“Is that what you want your world champion to be saying?” asked Crofty of SkyF1 during free practice.

But the non-marshmallow-mentality seems to annoy some. 
One of the drivers who extremely unambiguous about Vettel’s recent criticism was Jenson Button whom I quote 
“Go and race something else if you are not happy,” said the 2009 world champion. “As drivers we don't have an opinion of where the cars are in terms of sound and feel. When you cross the finish line first you have won a grand prix. You don't care what it sounds like or what it looks like. You have beaten the best in the world and that is all you care about.”

And in response, Vettel once again reignited the topic at a press conference adding-

“The fact I criticise doesn't mean I do not like Formula One any more. We are still here with the best cars in the world competing against the best drivers. At the moment it might not sound that great, but Formula One is still the pinnacle of motorsport.I realise everyone thinks I don't like the sound because I have not won yet, but I don't care, I stand by what I said. I am a fan of the old F1.”

This is the Formula One fraternity being pathetic. One comment from the world champion causes a storm but the fact that something more important (such as drivers’ health and fitness in order to reduce weight becoming dangerous) becomes a subject of back hand priority.
 Jenson Button, Felipe Massa and Ron Dennis need to put matters of greatest importance first, being the director of the GPDA, one of the most experienced drivers on the grid and as a major part of McLaren Mercedes respectively, it's surprising they haven't learnt the act yet. 

On the Malaysian grand prix thursday, the entire paddock and I mean almost everybody had something to talk about the engines - thanks to the stir caused by Sebastian Vettel. The drastic rule change brought about not only altered the style of so called racing but also muted the previously roaring engines, which neither did the fans appreciate nor did many drivers. In fact according to Ferrari’s recently conducted survey, 83% of the 50,000 respondents were unhappy about the rule changes. 

Why not? I want my world champion to be a real person and not a perfectly trained PR robot who is speaks what he’s been said to speak and not speak what he feels he has to. It may be a bit too philosophical, but again, we want world champions who are humans and not media marshmallows or PR robots. 


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