Pre-Race Procedures

Hello, Ola, Bonjour and welcome to the 2014 Formula One world championship. As Lewis Hamilton correctly put it, “This is the year you should watch F1”.

The inactivity in my blog is perfectly explainable. One, I had some big boulders called exams on my way. I've never grasped the concept of those things. And two, the 2013-14 winter break was the most active winter break in the history of Formula One. It felt almost like the winter break wasn't there. Unfortunately I never had the time to report all of these things, but for sure the next 2 months I will cover it up.

As I said, the winter break was exciting! it had a lot to do with rings, babies and numbers. To make myself more comprehendible-

Jenson Button finally turned his girlfriend Jessica Michibata into his Fiancée. Congratulations to them! And the other paddock buzzer was that of the reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel becoming a father! It was a real shocker considering the 26 year old German never drops the veil that hides his private life. Nevertheless, the media have done their part of the job to confirm his partner Hanna Prater's pregnancy and their new baby girl born on the 12th of January in Switzerland. Congratulations to both.

The other news that kept us on our feet were that of the drivers' race numbers! This year, drivers' race numbers will be chosen by them and will he used throughout their racing career in Formula One, unlike last year where the drivers' race numbers were dependant on the constructors championship.

Here are the drivers' numbers-

Sebastian Vettel - #1 for this season (#5 for the seasons he doesn't retain #1)

Daniel Ricciardo - #3

Lewis Hamilton - #44

Nico Rosberg - #6

Fernando Alonso - #14

Kimi Raikkonen - #7

Romain Grosjean - #8

Pastor Maldonado - #13 (!!)

Jenson Button - #22

Kevin Magnussen - #20

Nico Hulkenberg - #27

Sergio Perez - #11

Esteban Gutierrez - #21

Jean-Eric Vergne - #25

Daniil Kvyat - #26

Felipe Massa - #19

Valtteri Bottas  - #77

Jules Bianchi - #17

Max Chilton - #4

Kamui Kobayashi - #10

Marcus Ericsson - #9

And since numbers have to be written on the helmet, now you won't get Sebastian Vettel's helmet confused with his teammate's!

We've known from the beginning of the 2012 season about Formula One's biggest ever rule change: From V8's to Turbocharged V6's. It's been trending world wide now, and the reaction, well.. it hasn't been so positive. The big transition from the V8's to the V6's has been interpretted in different ways. Some say, the change was bad for Formula One because of the loss of revs, sounds and of course, the whole point of racing. While the other side of the coin depicts the possibility a more exciting new championship, breaking the drudging rule of the mighty RedBull Racing. Whereas, the FIA have in fact given a different contradictory view from the fans' perspective. The president of the FIA, Jean Todt reasoned the drastic change in regulations as to "advocating the need for F1 to be more sustainable and environmentally accountable". It sure hasn't won the hearts of all the 500 million viewers, neither has it pleased the F1 supremo, Bernie Ecclestone. When asked by Spanish newspaper Marca if he thinks the leap in step was necessary to "improve" formula One, he replied: "No I don't, but lets wait and see"

Whether Formula One is really heading down the right road or getting itself lost in the woods is a matter of second fact. One thing has become crystal clear from the winter tests (which I'm sorry for not having covered again) is that this season, to put it less optimistically, is a mere battle of engines. And here's the spoiler: Mercedes seems to have packed it up already! 

More to follow on the next post! 


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